Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Join the Body Image Movement!

There is an amazing and inspirational woman 10,000 miles away that I would like to introduce you to...Taryn Brumfitt. She is a wife and a mother on a mission with a very important message. And she is trying her hardest to get this message out to the whole wide world with Operation Global Change.

I could not have put this better myself, so I chose this clip from her website

We can be very hard on ourselves where our bodies and images are concerned. Sometimes we forget who else might be listening. At times, we can be so focused on the negatives that the positives, that far outweigh those negatives, get sort of lost in the mix. We need to take a step back and prioritize our lives. With the Body Image Movement and the example being set by the determined Taryn Brumfitt...we can change the world.

Taryn is trying very hard to raise enough money to fund her documentary regarding this very movement. I have watched the trailer and am very excited to see the finished film when it is released. You can watch it too: Brings tears to my eyes. Her strength, devotion and tenacity are truly something to admire and I wish her all the best from all the way across the world in Minnesota.

So why am I telling you all of this? This is my way of helping Taryn in her efforts in spreading her message globally. By following links from this blog post, you too can join thousands of people (including celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell, who just donated a thousand dollars to the cause yesterday!) in creating a more positive body image and also donate to the documentary fund, if you would like to. You do not need to send money to be a part of this. Everyone is welcome, no matter what. There is a website, a Facebook page and the trailer link on Kickstarter. Please take a moment to check it all out and I hope you will find it as inspirational as I do.

Oh yes...there is one more big mission to accomplish. Taryn wants to get her message to Ellen Degeneres. How can you help with this? Follow this link and you can help us get Ellen's attention.  Let's make some noise people!

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