Sunday, October 5, 2014

My 16 Year Old's Room is Done!

Finally! Ha. Life got a little busy after I started this first bedroom project and it got pushed onto the back burner for a bit. But, today I finished...well mostly. I still have to paint an old desk we have white but no biggie. Soon.

We decided after moving into our new house three months ago that we would do each of the kids' bedrooms in order of age, oldest to youngest. It only seems fair since the oldest would typically be the first to move out and should get plenty of time to enjoy their new space.

I asked my oldest son what color he wanted his new bedroom to be and he said he didn't care and that I could just surprise him. Oh darn! I sure do hate picking out paint colors...NOT! This was very fun for me to do actually. I know his favorite color is red so I started from there. I also took into consideration things I already had to work with lying around. I am pretty thrifty and like to reuse and re-purpose whenever I can. There is never a huge budget to work with.

The room was pretty plain when we moved in. I love a fresh palette. Here are some before pictures:

Hey, there is that desk that I still need to paint white! 

Like I said, pretty plain.

I found this next picture of a cool kid bedroom online and used it as my inspiration for this project. It did not have links to any information on their own color choices and such so I had to wing it.

Image from:

As for the new paint colors, I purchased a gallon of Behr California Poppy for the red color and I still had some leftover Behr Broadway for the black color from when I painted the Music Room so I only needed to purchase a quart more of that. As for the white, I just used some old white paint that the previous owners of our house had left for us. How's that for thrifty?

I really liked the metallic touches in the inspirational picture so I went to and found a pretty inexpensive Diamond Plate stick on wall border.

I pulled out all of the old nails and screws and then filled and sanded all of the blemishes on the walls. I painted like crazy and got a little help putting on the sticky wall border. I used a comforter and pillow set I already had that wasn't in use anymore. I repainted an old book shelf and chair (and the desk soon). I recovered the seat cushion of the old chair. I also covered the Papsan chair cushion with an old duvet cover we had until I find a new perfect cushion in my price range. I am very patient and the right thing will present itself, eventually. I also had a set of six small black picture frames that I had never used before just collecting dust in my craft closet and four antique looking wall plates with pictures of coffee cups on them. My son loves coffee so I figured, why not?

After all that, I ended up with a pretty cool room for my oldest son, if I do say so myself. What do you think?

So, there it is folks. I will keep my eyes open for cool decorative things, like maybe a hubcap clock, neon sign, Papasan cushion, etc. All in all I am very proud of this finished room. I hope he loves it, too!

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