Saturday, July 26, 2014

Perfectly Sticky White Rice Recipe

I love sticky white rice. I made some to go with the Sesame Ginger Chicken & Carrots I made for dinner this evening and I got to thinking about how long it took me to learn how to cook it just right. I failed a few times and ate some I wasn't happy with a few more times than that. I do not own a fancy rice steamer or anything. I thought about it in the past but decided that I don't cook rice enough to make the expense worthwhile. So, it was me, my sauce pan and practice.

Part of my problem is that I like to buy the real jasmine rice. I find it in the foreign foods section of my local grocery store or from random local Asian food markets.

There are not always cooking instructions on these bags and I have even had a few bags that didn't have any English wording on them at all. So, here I am, saving you the trouble of trials and errors. Whoopie!

Perfectly Sticky White Rice Recipe


1 cup Jasmine Rice
2 cups water

1. In a medium sauce pan with lid, stir together the rice and water. (I prefer non-stick pans here)

2. Heat to boiling while uncovered and then stir again.

3. Cover and reduce heat to very low, barely a simmer.

4. Leave it alone. Less is more when cooking sticky rice. Do not stir it. I know it's hard but seriously, put that spoon down. And maybe don't lift the lid a million times like I used to.

5. Simmer for @ 20 - 25 minutes or so. Keep an eye on it until you do not see water bubbling up around the grains anymore. 

6. When you no longer see water, remove from heat and leave covered until ready to use.

This will yield about 3 cups when fully cooked.

That is it. Pretty easy. I try not to stir it too much after it is done cooking in order to help retain the sticky. If you want it to look neat, try scooping the rice onto plates using an ice cream scooper. Gives it that cute rounded top.

I keep mine stored in an airtight container, like this:

I also make sure that my measuring cups are completely dry before scooping out any rice. Introducing moisture could lead to mold so it's better to be safe.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to let me know when you try this out and how it works out for you. Peace!

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