Monday, May 27, 2013

Spontaneous Outing

I knew we needed to get out of the house today. I could feel it creeping through my body. Not only do we have an out of town house guest that wants to go out into the world and see new things, we're raising five kids in a small house and we need to get them out. It was a long winter and I was hibernating for most of it. I've got ants in my pants and an awesome new stroller. I spent the better part of this morning online researching free or inexpensive activities to do in the Twin Cities with children. Today we ventured out for a stroll around the Sculpture Gardens at the Walker Art Center. I told the kids to get ready and grab a hoodie because we were going to be outside, but I did not tell them where we were going. The anticipation was hilarious and they all tried to guess all the way there.

DA planks

DJ running

No trip would be complete without the token Cherry on the Spoon picture

DA is cool

It felt good. DJ had never been there before and she thought it was very fun. I think it made an impression and I will definitely be taking her back. I read today that the Walker Art Center offers free gallery admission every first Saturday of the month and also on Thursday nights from 5 to 9 PM. We will be making use of this deal, for sure. My little sister from Louisiana enjoyed it, too. She piped up and said so and thanked me on the ride home. Big smiles all around. My heart is full. A great day to top off my good morning.

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