Saturday, March 16, 2013

Being a Stay at Home Mom =

Homemade chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, any day of the week, even as late as 10 AM.

Not getting dressed until right before dinner time, or maybe not even at all.

Being at the beck and call of the children all day, every day.

Making delicious and complicated dinners on weeknights.

Being the sole parent to get up in the middle of the night when the children need someone.

Spending almost no money on make up, accessories or any other fun beautification items.

Buying clothes I love instead of clothes that must be work appropriate and practical.

Being able to make appointments in the home or outside of the home for any time of the day.

Going to fun places with the children, like the zoo, when it is not busy at all.

Conceding to the social networking sites because it is the only source of contact with the outside world, the family, my friends and grown ups in general that I may get in a long, long while.

Unlimited access to amazing and priceless hugs and kisses from the adorable little people in my world.

Finding a fulfilling career I can do from home while still being able to stay with the children.

Feeling at peace and yet surrounded by chaos simultaneously.

Having no bedtime whatsoever.

Forgeting what day of the week it is.

Living off of coffee as my main food group.

Realizing at 3:00 in the afternoon that I feel sick to my stomach because I forgot to feed myself.

Not bringing home a steady pay check.

Giving up on some goals and dreams while discovering a few new ones.

Not missing a milestone; being there for every bump or bruise, new or lost tooth, rolling over, sitting up and so much more.

Being both the good cop and the bad cop, 24/7.

Being home when the kids get home from school...well, just being home all the time.

Missing work while constantly working.

Not missing work.


True happiness, pure and simple.

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