Sunday, December 18, 2011

342 Cookies and Counting...

Five hours in the kitchen and I accomplished baking 342 cookies. Whew! I only have a few dozen more to go tomorrow. I would have been done tonight but I did not read the last recipe all the way through before I began. A rookie mistake, I know better. The darn dough has to chill for three hours and I really don't want to start another batch at 3 A.M. Our almost two year old will have me up by 8 A.M. I am sure.

Something I have realized about myself is that I always have some kind of project going on. This particular project I discovered last year while at a coffee shop. I came across a brochure for The Aliveness Project in Minneapolis. They are an organization that helps people and families suffering with AIDS/HIV. The cookies are for their holiday basket program. Apparently they make and deliver over seven hundred baskets in the Twin Cities area. When I read about them I knew this was something I could help with. I love baking and cooking. I always have. I was lucky to be raised around many wonderful cooks. The best part about cooking is letting other people enjoy the finished product. That warms my heart.

It feels so wonderful to help others. I don't get time to do many of these charitable things. I enjoy it very much and I hope as I get older and the kids get older I can work more things like this into my world. The more financially stable we become, the more I can do. The older and more independent the children become the more time I will have. It is not always easy to find the time when you work full time and have three children in school. There is always going to be baseball practice, band concerts, plays and any other thing they need to do. This is alright though. It is all a part of my life I love so very much. I am just looking forward to the ever changing future. The possibilities. The ride.

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